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Prosperity in Bloom

Title: Prosperity in Bloom
Dimensions: 4’ x 4’
Medium: Acrylic and mixed media on wood panel
Year: 2017

“Prosperity In Bloom” is a unique mixture of urban and traditional styles portraying the fundamental values of Peterborough Social Services (PSS). Two hands outstretched, touching slightly at the tips represent PSS reaching into the community and the community reaching back signifying the hope, perseverance, and potential prosperity and strength required by both the client and service. Blooming in the foreground is an array of crisply rendered flora with much more significance. Each flower resolves different facets of PSS and their services from humility, hospitality, kindness, innovation, new beginnings, acceptance, patience, strength of character, and a wish for a prosperous future. These elements combine to tell an intricate truth about the deepest meanings and virtues of PSS and what they strive to provide for those in need.

This piece is currently on loan to Peterborough Social Services until 2023.

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