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Brühaus Coffee

Brühaus Coffee

The Brühaus coffee kiosk project served as a profound exploration into the nuanced art of space design harmonization with a meticulously crafted brand guide. 

This endeavor presented a unique opportunity to embrace and elevate the contemporary trend of employing Isometric guides, thereby contributing to the project’s innovative and visually compelling outcomes.

This venture, while undoubtedly a learning experience, proved to be an invaluable opportunity for substantial professional growth. The acquisition of skills in illustration and vector artistry stands as a tangible testament to the project’s enriching nature. Beyond the technical aspects, it facilitated a comprehensive examination of auxiliary brand elements, prompting thoughtful considerations such as the design nuances for coffee cup and pouch packaging.

In essence, the Brühaus coffee kiosk project transcended mere spatial design; it became a pivotal juncture for the refinement and expansion of skills, a journey that extended beyond the immediate scope to encompass the broader dimensions of brand aesthetics and package design.