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Renaissance on Hunter – HOPSCOTCH PTBO

Hopscotch PTBO Colour Palette
Hopscotch PTBO Street Mockup

Renaissance on Hunter – HOPSCOTCH PTBO

Hopscotch PTBO is a road mural that intends to beautify our city, give a sense of civic pride, and highlight inclusivity. 

Inspired by hopscotch drawings found across our city’s sidewalks, it’s a celebration of playfully moving forward – aiming to reinvigorate the community with the joy and movement of art.

Check out my blog posts for more details on how this project started and came together. 


  • 124′ x 12′  hand-painted street mural

The goal of this mural is to energize the public space and create a unique sense of motion that invites the community to experience it as a dance and puzzle – similar to the idea of a hopscotch pattern. The multi-coloured palette implies the feeling of inclusivity, a sense of belonging, and when combined with the abbreviated city name raises a sense of pride – both for Peterborough and the creative community. This particular style represents an exploration of merging urban aesthetic with geometric pattern – exploring the conversation between the abstract, colour, and mathematic shapes.

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