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Renaissance on Hunter – HOPSCOTCH PTBO

Hopscotch PTBO Colour Palette
Hopscotch PTBO Street Mockup

Renaissance on Hunter – HOPSCOTCH PTBO

Hopscotch PTBO is a road mural that intends to beautify our city, give a sense of civic pride, and highlight inclusivity. 

Inspired by hopscotch drawings found across our city’s sidewalks, it’s a celebration of playfully moving forward – aiming to reinvigorate the community with the joy and movement of art.

Check out my blog posts for more details on how this project started and came together. 


  • 124′ x 12′  hand-painted street mural

Picture this: A mural that breathes life into the public space, inviting the community to embark on a visual journey reminiscent of a lively dance and an engaging puzzle. It’s not just a mural; it’s a dynamic experience, much like navigating a hopscotch pattern painted on the canvas of the city.

Dive into a spectrum of colors that tell a story of inclusivity, a narrative that whispers of belonging. The diverse palette, coupled with the city’s name in an abbreviated form, fosters a profound sense of pride—pride for Peterborough and the thriving creative community that calls it home.

This mural is more than art; it’s an exploration, a conversation between urban aesthetics and geometric patterns. It delves into the abstract, where colour and mathematical shapes engage in a captivating dance. Join us in celebrating  the visual language that speaks to the essence of community, pride, and the boundless creativity that defines our city.