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Noteworthy Stories

Noteworthy stories logo as a stamp on white paper background
Noteworthy Stories letterhead paper with pen floating on a sage green background.

Noteworthy Stories

Open Sky Stories is a local writer and artist providing writing inspiration and services.

Erica Richmond, founder of Open Sky Stories approached us to develop a visual identity for her new subscription service called Noteworthy Stories. The subscription features all local products including a writing prompt from OSS, tea, chocolate, and a custom art piece. 

The visual identity for Noteworthy Stories had to both stand out and still remain linked to the Open Sky Stories brand. To do this, typeface styles were carried over into the NS identity while playfully taking on the shape of a processed postage stamp, a widely understood symbol for mail and postcards. 

 The colour palette also stemmed from the Open Sky Stories brand, but takes on a more feminine/earthly theme incorporating muted greens and browns. 

Colour palette for Noteworthy Stories.
Noteworthy Stories basic logo printed on a rose pink mug with silver spoon beside it on a sage green background.
Noteworthy Stories logo mocked up on a paper mailer envelope with small box on a deep brown background.

Noteworthy Stories Scope of Work


  • Logo design
  • Letterhead

    Kindest Clients

    Erica was an absolute pleasure to work with. She is the founder of Open Sky Stories, writing inspiration and community for those into writing and literature.

    Check out Open Sky Stories here.