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Open Sky Stories

Birds eye view of a spiral notebook with illustrated heart on the cover, surrounded by coffee cup, pen, and paperclip on dark blue background..
View of spiral notebook inside design on a beige background.

Open Sky Stories

Open Sky Stories is a local writer and artist providing writing inspiration and services.

Erica Richmond, founder of Open Sky Stories approached us to develop a notebook design, which then lead to designing her business and thank-you cards.

Visually the brand already existed as a unique combination of elegance and playful personality. It was a natural progression to then introduce some fun illustrations into her both the notebook design, business and thank-you cards. The aim was to find a balance combining professional and personal themes while achieving a light- and kindhearted visual look.


Open Sky Stories business card with typewriter illustration on burnt orange background.
Retro-inspired illustrated thank-you cards for Open Sky Stories on a light blue-grey background with a coffee cup above them.

Open Sky Stories Scope of Work


  • Notebook design
  • Business cards
  • Thank you cards

    Kindest Clients

    Erica was an absolute pleasure to work with. We even helped her develop a visual identity for a new sub-brand of Open Sky stories called Noteworthy Stories.

    Check out Open Sky Stories to purchase a Kintsugi notebook here.

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