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Cultivate Festival

Cultivate Festival

Cultivate, an annual family event hosted in Port Hope, Ontario, is a harmonious blend of food, drink, and live music, appealing to a diverse audience spanning from youth to seniors.

The event is characterized by trendy culinary offerings, live music, and a rustic, fun ambiance, setting the stage for a brochure meticulously crafted to mirror its vibrant essence.

Our design approach for this brochure is an innovative experiment, infusing a touch of elegance into the rustic and vibrant theme of Cultivate. Bright and bold pages burst with color, featuring meticulously illustrated fruits and vegetables that serve as both a visual feast and a nod to the event’s culinary focus.

The brochure stands as a testament to the marriage of playful design elements with a sophisticated twist, perfectly aligning with the lively atmosphere and diverse offerings of Cultivate. It is not merely a piece of collateral but a visual journey that encapsulates the essence of the event, inviting all age groups to partake in the vibrant experience that is Cultivate.