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ICBC: RoadSense Reboot

ICBC: RoadSense Reboot


As a branch of ICBC, the Road Sense program is about raising awareness and helping to prevent unsafe driving accidents across British Columbia.

This campaign focuses on using visually striking imagery that references the typical car sales/show aesthetic as a tool to engage viewers and raise awareness.

The primary goals of this campaign are to increase exposure, provide awareness, and ultimately, develop goodwill towards ICBC and the Road Sense program. It is a uniquely engaging idea that aims to impart a sense of seriousness and awareness of unsafe driving practices.

Physical Installation Proposal

The strategy is to go throughout British Columbia and implement a series of engaging installations in high foot-traffic areas in which people are invited to participate and post about on social media. This would be presented as a pristine car showroom where individuals are invited to view Road Sense’s unique vehicles. The showroom would feature wrecked cars rotating on platforms, or parked in place with information tags in the front window, meant to parody the typical sale of cars.
This kind of installation is meant to start a conversation about road safety as well as draw the viewer to the Road Sense website for more information.

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