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ICBC: RoadSense Reboot

ICBC: RoadSense Reboot


In its capacity as an arm of ICBC, the Road Sense program stands as a dedicated initiative aimed at heightening awareness and mitigating unsafe driving incidents throughout British Columbia.

This strategic campaign adopts an automotive advertising design approach, utilizing visually impactful imagery reminiscent of the conventional car sales/show aesthetic. This deliberate choice serves as a compelling tool to captivate viewers, effectively communicating the campaign’s core message and fostering heightened awareness.

The primary objectives of this automotive-inspired initiative encompass elevating exposure, disseminating awareness, and ultimately cultivating goodwill towards both ICBC and the Road Sense program. This uniquely engaging concept has been meticulously crafted to convey a sense of gravity and consciousness surrounding unsafe driving practices, employing a visual language commonly associated with the automotive advertising landscape. Through this approach, the campaign strives to underscore the importance of responsible road behavior within the context of car-centric design.

Physical Installation Proposal

The strategic approach involves a comprehensive deployment throughout British Columbia, implementing a series of engaging installations strategically positioned in high foot-traffic areas. These installations are meticulously designed to encourage public participation and social media engagement.

Presented as a pristine car showroom, the installations invite individuals to experience Road Sense’s unique vehicles. Within this visually impactful setting, wrecked cars, thoughtfully displayed on rotating platforms or parked with information tags in the front window, ingeniously parody the conventional car sales environment.

The overarching objective of this carefully curated installation is twofold: to initiate a meaningful dialogue about road safety and to direct viewers to the Road Sense website for a more in-depth exploration of pertinent information. This professional and innovative approach aims to not only captivate attention but also serve as a catalyst for increased awareness and engagement with the Road Sense initiative.