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Imagine PTBO: Mural Project

Imagine PTBO: Mural Project

Pretend that anything is possible.


The Imagine PTBO initiative is a project aimed to inspire local artists to create murals that would enlighten, engage and enrich the downtown community.


Delving into a socially resonant perspective, the illustration above serves as a poignant commentary on the escalating housing crisis. The compelling imagery symbolizes the feeling of being trapped, akin to a sardine in a can. As housing costs soar nationwide, this visual narrative captures the stark reality of people being confined to increasingly smaller living spaces. The metaphorical resonance echoes the growing challenges in access to affordable housing, prompting contemplation on the profound impact of this crisis on individuals and communities across the country.


Shifting gears to a more optimistic tone, the second illustration paints a positive tableau. It mirrors the thriving food culture in Peterborough, where diverse restaurants beckon people to indulge in a culinary exploration across the city. Each establishment contributes unique recipes and ingredients, fostering a rich tapestry of flavours. The imagery becomes a vivid representation of the joy and meaningful relationships that sprout from embracing new cultural experiences. It not only celebrates the gastronomic diversity but also underscores the communal bonds woven through the shared love of food and exploration.