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Lipton Green Tea

Lipton Green Tea


How do we make green tea more appealing to a younger target market?

In the pursuit of rendering green tea more appealing to a younger demographic, this ad campaign strategically accentuates the inherent health properties of the product.

This approach introduces a fresh perspective for engaging the youth market, pivoting towards the promotion of exercise and healthy lifestyles.

Emphasizing the role of Lipton Tea as a supportive ally in the viewer’s pursuit of health was a pivotal aspect of the campaign. Communicating that Lipton’s green tea can seamlessly integrate into and enhance their wellness journey forms the crux of our messaging.

The ad, characterized by its wit and ingenuity, employs a sophisticated play on words and objects. By crafting a surreal and entertaining visual narrative, the advertisement adeptly represents the Lipton brand. This design approach seeks to not only capture attention but also aligns seamlessly with the brand’s identity, effectively communicating the message that Lipton is a tasteful companion in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.